As you all know, Ryan and I took an amazing trip to Europe Summer 2015. While Ryan and I were walking the streets of Paris and on our way to the Notre Dame, we walked by a little jewelry shop and starring at me was the most beautiful Jerusalem Cross Pendant. Ever since my dad intoduced and shared the meaning of the that cross it has been extremely special to me. It symbolizes Christ's command to spread the Gospel around the World. I believe in this so much, that on my 30th birthday I commited myself to this mission and had the cross put on my right wrist just like my dad and brother (it's a tradition from over 700 years ago when Christian pilgrims made their way to the holy land and got the symbol placed on their right wrist as proof that they made the journey).

Anyways, we walked into the shop and the owner showed us how he handcrafts each pendant using a machine from the 1800's that presses the design into the gold. It was such a once and a lifetime experience and memory that I want to wear it around my neck for the rest of my life and put Aidan's birthstone in it! Eventually I'll add  other childrens birthstones in it (if I'm fortunate enough to have more).


Here it is!
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